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Do We Need a Reason To Hug Our Sibling?

A kid sister is hugging her younger sister.

If someone asks you this question, what will your answer? Yes, we don’t need a reason to hug our siblings. Siblings are very special persons in our life. We share our emotions and memories with them. Let’s have a look at some thoughts about siblings bond.

They feel better than anyone else

For a brother or sister, you never have to tell the background, explain or even express what you know. They have followed you since you were a baby – and read you and your mood as an open book.

No one can irritate you so much

a cat is irritating her sibling, with displaying text "Happy Siblings Day"
Happy Siblings Day

A sibling knows exactly which buttons to press to make you crazy. But it is always done with love – and you know you can count on that spooky smile.

You can talk about EVERYTHING

two cats are talking with displaying text "Happy Siblings Day"
National SIblings Day 2019 Messages

Just because they know you inside and out, and you have that strong bond between you, you can also talk about anything. For a sibling, you dare to tell everything, even things that you do not reveal to friends. They do not judge you – and do not gossip.

They are grossly honest

a cat is showing love to other cat with displaying text "Happy Siblings Day"
Happy Siblings Day

Unlike friends, classmates and colleagues, who may not always dare to say exactly what they think, siblings are honest because they trust that the relationship holds criticism. And even if the truth can be brutal, it is quite nice to know that you can trust someone to 100 percent.

They protected you if someone was stupid

a cat is protecting a cat. with displaying text "Happy Siblings Day"
Happy Siblings Day

Didn’t matter how much NI two bullshit, or how shitty HON or HAN could be sometimes. When someone else was teased or fucked with you, they were there on two reds – and defended, scolded and gave back.

Your humor is unique – for good and evil

two cats are showing thumbs up with displaying text "Happy Siblings Day"
Happy Siblings Day

The advantage of growing up together is that there is an endless stream of memories and anecdotes to dig out. This means internal humor at the highest level. The downside is of course that NO one will understand a jot when you laugh so you cry something completely incomprehensible.

They make you mentally stronger

a little cat hidden udner a card box with displaying text "Happy Siblings Day"
Happy National Siblings Day

Some of the healthiest, happy and least lonely people on the planet often have one thing in common – warm sibling relationships. For example, research shows that good sibling relationships reduce the risk of both anxiety and depression.

When Is Siblings Day 2019

image shows text "it's National Siblings Day 2019" with background of kids siblings.
It’s National Siblings Day 2019

When you search for when is brothers and sisters day? by Google, It displays the date of 2nd May. On other hands when you search for when is Siblings Day 2019? The result is 10th April. If you search for Siblings Day in Europe this is on 31st May. Why are these differences in dates? Let me explain this.

Differences in Date of Siblings Day

Most of us know about Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, but there are very few who know the history of these days. From old days to a civilized society, Family is always a major part of life. Showing Love or expressing emotions to the family is always being appreciated.

I can’t find enough history about Brothers and Sister Day. May be it came from other nations to us like father’s day etc.

Siblings Day in U.K

In 2004 a European nonprofit organization (ELFAC) started efforts to celebrate Brothers and Sisters Day on 31st May.  The May 31 feast spread in different ways in the European countries where ELFAC is present

Though many countries in Europe and the Americas have adopted the U.S. date, which is 10th April . It is celebrated on various days in many parts of the world, most commonly in the months of April and June. It complements similar celebrations honoring family members, such as  Father’s Day, Mother’s Day.

When Started Siblings Day?

image shows a commemorative letter image from white house about  National Siblings Day.

The Idea of National Siblings Day conceived by Cladia Evart in 1998 across the United States and North America. In Canada, National Siblings Day is celebrated on 10th April.

National Siblings Day was officially recognized in 1998 as a day of commemoration by President Bill Clinton and 39 governors.  But like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, it is not a federal holiday.

According to the National Siblings Day Organization, since its inception, National Sibling Day has been recognized in 49 states, with California being the only holdout.

Siblings Day Appreciation

image shows a quote by Bill Clinton whith a background image of Bill Clinton.

In a commemorative letter dated April 7, 2000, Clinton wrote “Our siblings are often our oldest friends and earliest companions, the people who know us best and with whom we’ve shared all the joys and sorrows of life.

“The special ties shared by brothers and sisters help to strengthen not only our families, but also our communities and our country.”

The apparent signature of President George W. Bush features under a note posted to the siblingsday.org website.

President Bush writes “In this ever-changing world, families are a steadfast anchor of tradition and values. The strong commitment and love between brothers and sisters help build the foundation of a hopeful society.”

image shows a quote by G.W. Bush whith a background image of G.W. Bush.

“On this day, we recognize that the bonds between siblings help promise for the future of our country.”

The note signs off with “Laura and I send our best wishes.”

Appreciation by the Governor of Alabama

“Siblings are part of the quiet times and exciting times alike, sad and happy moments, and are with us in sickness and health,”

Don Siegelman
image shows a quote image by governor of Alabama with his photo.

Appreciation by the Governor of Alaska

image shows a quote image by governor of Alaska with his photo.

Read another, undersigned by Sean Parnell, the 10th Governor of Alaska.

“The observance of Siblings Day provides a wonderful opportunity to reflect upon the unique relationship, friendship, and love that prevails between siblings,”

Sean Parnell

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 78 percent of the U.S. population lives with at least one sibling.