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Brothers and Sisters Day in Europe

Brothers and sisters day, the day on which you can remind yourself and them of your special bond, catch up and reminisce. Most of the European countries celebrate Brothers and Sisters day on 31st May. In the United States, this day is celebrated as National Siblings Day on 10th April.

two little sisters are sitting on the floor.

Why do we need to celebrate this day? The answer is to show the love and respects to our most beloved relations. Brothers and Sister are our strength, our love, and the one who knows us better than anyone else.

Show your Love to your brothers and sisters by sending them some message or quotes. It will be a loving gift to your brothers and sisters which they will remember around the year.

Here are some messages to share with your brothers and sisters on Brothers and Sisters Day.

Messages for Brothers and Sisters Day

image shows two kids brothers playing on a sofa with displaying text message for brothers.

Brother, my love for you is proportional to the number of memories we shared and yet to share.

image display a love poem for sister
A sister like you, 
Someone who will understand
Who knows the way I feel
In every situation
Her concern is very real
Someone who has walked my ways
Who knows my every need
Times when she would see me cry
Her heart would nearly bleed
Everyone should have a sister
Just the way I do 
Richly Blessed is what I am
TO have sister like you

image shows two kid boys on a tree and displaying happy brother's day message.

Happy Brother’s Day, you are not only my brother but also my best friend. Thank you for being my best supporter. I love you, Brother.

image shows a sister is whispering to  her little brother, displaying a love message.
This is a bond of love,
A bond of togetherness,
Its a bond that binds,
Our life and our Hearts.
kid sister and brother with newborn brother.

Thank you for your love and care. I’m so lucky to have you in my life. Happy Brother’s Day.

image display text message for brothers and sisters day.

My Sister is loving, Caring, Beautiful, Fun, and a friend. I will always be there for Her.

Check These Brothers and Sisters Day Quotes

Please check these quotes and messages for Brothers and Sisters Day to share with your love ones.

Quotes for Brothers and Sisters.

Messages for Sisters

Messages for Brothers

images shows a message for sister on brothers and sisters day.

My Sister, you are with me always. Whether near or far. For you see – we are connected by heart. I love you.

image shows a text message for brothers on Brothers and Sisters day.

“Locker” for my all secrets,

“Bodyguard” for my problems.

“Power bank” for my energy.

“Hater” of my tears.

and my favorite Forever.

Love you Brother.

image shows a little brother and sister, displaying text message for brother.

Dear Brother, I don’t know how to thank you but I’m lucky to have you in my life.

National Siblings Day 2019 Messages For Brothers

Technology could be a part of our daily lives currently. However, it should not be a hinder for us to celebrate siblings day. Instead, it should help us let our friends and family members remember the day.

Sending Out Some Siblings Day Messages SMS

you can do this by sending them some nice Siblings day SMS through your gadgets. Here are some National Siblings Day 2019 Messages for Brothers that you can use:

Secrets, tears, and giggles – we all share together and I am happy that I have such a wonderful brother.

image shows a animated girl with a brown and white background showing national siblings day message for brothers.
Siblings Day Messages For Brothers

Our paths may change as life goes along, but the bond between us remains ever strong, my dear brother…

image shows a picture of two kids brother and sister with national siblings day message for Brother.
Siblings Day Messages For Brothers

We have the same family, the same blood, the same habits, and aspirations. But what is more important, we have the same strength of our love for each other

image shows a kid boy is kissing his younger brother displaying national siblings day messages.
Siblings Day Messages For Brothers

We are together as friends, we are ready to face anything in life if we have each other.

You are the only person, with whom I want to watch the sunset and dance under the rain. Love you, brother!

image shows two kids brother and sister stanting on beach displaying National SIblings Day Message for Brother

Here Are Some More Siblings Day Messages

  • They said, “people will hurt, so build a wall around you.” But I never had to build a wall around me. I had a brother like you who became THE WALL and protected me.
  • You are not only my brother, but you are also a superhero, who turned my life into a fairytale. I love you.
  • You always support me and never envy. We go hand in hand in life and I am sure that it will last forever.
  • With you, I feel great and comfortable. We can just sit, keep silent and understand each other better than those people, who talk all the time.
  • You are my favorite brother, my role model. The lessons you’ve given to me are priceless. Thanks for being so supportive.